How to donate

We regret to inform you that we have temporarily stopped accepting hair donation till further notice.

Do note that in future, when we start accepting hair donation, we will be accepting virgin hair.

To be updated!

What's Not accepted

  • Treated hair (coloured, re-bonded hair, permed, henna, herbal, etc)
  • Unclean hair (dandruff, greasy, unpleasant smell) 
  • Unhealthy hair (dry, brittle, damaged) 
  • Grey hair (1% or more of grey; turning grey) 
  • Curly hair 
  • Wet / damp hair Hair not cut in a ponytail / had been re-tied 
  • Hair collected off the floor 
  • Facial hair (moustache or beard) 
  • Dreadlocks, wigs, hair extensions or synthetic hair 

What we accept

  • Virgin hair (not treated in any way)
  • 10 inches (or longer) of clean, healthy hair 
  • Layered hair (measured from longest layer)

How to cut
To be updated!

How to store your ponytails
To be updated!