Moving into 2015

Our first donation in 2015 came from Vanessa, a 6-year-old girl across the causeway. She starts her new chapter in life doing something great; donating her locks before she her school starts.

Wigs donation 15/12/2014

Today marks a new milestone in our effort to help more cancer survivors.

Together with Meryl, our hair donor and wigs sponsor, we donated the wigs we recently made to the Breast Cancer Foundation Singapore (

This is the first time we donated our wigs to them, we are looking forward to donating more in the future.

Donations update (Photos) 07/12/2014

Name: Christine
Length: 34 inches
Date donated: 22/09/2014
Name: Mei Chin
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 24/09/2014

Kristin's Donation

"My hair was getting long and I felt that I needed a haircut. I didn't want to trim or just have a normal cut because it was boring and I wanted a change in me and since I was planning to cut a lot, I wanted to make the haircut meaningful.