In the making

Sent these ponytails to the wig maker yesterday morning. We are expecting the wigs to be ready somewhere around early May.

Wig Y15-01 (special)
From left: Sharon, Adeline, S Salon 04, Ipoh Salon 01 - 03 and 07

Jia En and Si Ying's Donation

I have been wanting to donate my hair ever since i saw my sister doing it. However, I never have the courage to cut off more than 10inches in one go.

Photo: Jia En

Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew

At Recycle Your Hair, we join the rest of Singapore in mourning the loss of our nation’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Our deepest condolences to Prime Minister Lee and his family.

Yan Ting's Donation

Photo: Yan Ting
"I knew I wanted to have my hair cut short and it was going to be a substantial change in length. I wanted my hair that was cut away to be in good use.