Julie's Donation

"I am very happy if my hair will be of use to somebody, will bring a smile as you say and I just want to thank you for what you are doing."
~ Julie

Know more about hair - why we reject

Few months back, we rejected one donation, probably one of the best ponytails we have ever received.

Reason; we found a couple of strands of hair caught in the opposite direction.

Many of you would asked, why can’t we just remove what we found? We could, but what about those we missed?

We have found a video that could relate to what we are taking here.
Watch from 0:38 to 1:30 (what is remy hair).

We hope that after watching this clip, donors would understand why some donations were rejected.

As it takes at least three or more donors’ hair and about SGD200 to make a wig, we cannot afford to let it (the wig) mat and tangle just after second or third wash.

Florence's Donation

"To most people, the most convenient way to help others is to donate money but money is not the only thing others need...

Samyukta's Donation

Eight years ago, in 2007, when I was eleven years old, I was amazed when I heard that Sunita Williams, an American astronaut, ran the Boston marathon on a treadmill in space. I followed her story and was even more inspired when I learnt that she had cut and donated her hair from space to help make a wig for cancer patients who lost hair during the chemotherapy.