Wigs for 2016 - photos

Here are the photos of the wigs. Which is your favourite style?

Wig Y16-01

Jocelyn, Michelle (Malaysia), Kat, Teresa 'Tetch'

Collected the wigs

We have collected our wigs yesterday. We will be sending photos of the wigs to donors and arranging the viewing of the wigs as soon as we have the time.


Our first batch of wigs for 2016 will be ready for collection next week!

Miki's Donation

"Miki started to think about donating her hair a while ago when she heard about it and since then she tried to grow her hair as long as possible. She knows how hard it is to lose one's hair through chemotherapy, as her little sister had gone through it 6 years ago when she got leukemia.

Sonya and Fei Ling's Donation

"Sonya loves her long hair and would not cut her hair short. Though I have always trim it to keep it tidy and manageable.