Wigs Viewing

It's good to meet our donors once again during our wigs viewing session. Still able to recognise them, despite the chance in the length of their hair.

On the left is Mary, who donated 19 inches of her hair in 2013. And Michelle, donated her 11 inches early last year. Thank you all for coming all the way down to view the wigs.

Donations update (Photos) 17/05/2015

Name: Angelin
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 27/02/2015
Name: Cheryl
Length: 16 inches
Date donated: 27/02/2015
Name: Shannon
Length: 11 inches
Date donated: 27/02/2015

A wig for my mum

This is one of the 4 wigs we made recently. It's a specially requested wig from a daughter to her mum, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Not only did she donated 11 inches of her hair, Adeline also helped to sponsor the wig.

We are glad we it was made in time for Mother's day.

Happy Mother's day to Adeline's mum.

Wigs Updates 07/05/2015

Wigs were collected yesterday and here are the photos.

Wig Y15-01

Made from hair donated by:
S Salon 04
Ipoh Salon 01 - 03 and 07 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Adeline
Wig Y15-02

Made from hair donated by:
Ling Lee
ISKL 01 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Letitia
Wig Y15-03

Made from hair donated by:
Hui Shan

Sponsor: Meryl
Wig Y15-04

Made from hair donated by:

Sponsor: Meryl / Myself

Wig Y15-01 was sponsored by Adeline
Wig Y15-02 was sponsored by Letitia
Wig Y15-03 was sponsored by Meryl
Wig Y15-04 was partially sponsored by Meryl

Many thanks to all the donors and sponsors for making these possible.

Wigs are ready!

Wigs are ready, we just need to find time to collect and make arrangement for the donors to view them.

Will be updating with photos once they have been collected. Stay tuned!