Maria's Donation

"When I was in grade 3, which was 5 years ago, a girl in grade 5 cut her hair off in order to donate it. However, her hair was too short and it went all to waste. Ever since then I felt like I had to fulfill it and make a donation which wouldn't go to waste.

Anonymous Donation

"I was thinking to get myself a birthday present for my 22th birthday, be it having a new image or doing something meaningful instead of buying luxury goods or throwing myself a grand party. I was having waist length hair and I decided to cut it.

Yi Ling's Donation

"I kept my hair long for the first time, for my wedding last June. I decided to cut it this May, just when a friend introduced me to Recycle Your Hair, so I was happy to know I cut it for a good cause."
~ Yi Ling

Wati's Donation

"It was such heart-breaking to see one of my cousin who have to fight to get her precious life back and happy for her at the same time where she is a really strong women who survived the cruelty of breast cancer at the highest stage.

Yong Si's Donation

"Vania; God's gift in Hebrew,
cherish it while you still can,
let it go when you have to,
pass it on for a good cause."