Ding Siew's Donation

"As a Christian, we are always taught to do good whenever we can to anyone and at wherever we are with whatever ways, as long as we can.


Last year, some shavees were caught by surprise by the organiser's restriction on multiple ponytails. Hence, a couple of the shavees were not able to donate their hair due to this restriction.

Chloe's Donation

"Back in 2012, I came across many articles about hair donation overseas and that eventually led me to search for a local project where I can donate my hair for a good cause. That’s how I found RYH! Seeing that there’s finally somewhere I can donate my hair to, I decided to grow my hair long enough for donation. Thank you RYH for making it possible for us to show our support for the patients :)"
~ Chloe

Photos: Chloe

Name: Chloe
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 11/07/2014

Cynthia's Donation

Photo courtesy of Cynthia
"I decided to cut my hair as I had put myself on a self-imposed 100 day zero waste challenge for environmental reasons.