Christine's Donation

After donating a record of 34 inches of her hair, what will be Christine's latest style? Find out soon!

Jaesy's Donation

"I get to know about RYH early this year and decided to grow my hair long enough for donation.

Janette's Donation

"The reason for donating my hair is I had kept it almost a year now, and it seems such a pity to cut it without a right reason.

Wigs Update 20/10/2014

Received a call this morning from the wig maker informing us that the wigs are ready for collection, and it came with a little surprise too. Not sure if it's a good news or a bad news, but the hair we sent for making 2 wigs were now made into 3 wigs. Hmm.....

Will be updating more after our next visit.

Lili's Donation

"I remember my last time having a short haircut was in primary 4 (14-15 years ago), and I have been keeping it long since then.