Janette's Donation

"The reason for donating my hair is I had kept it almost a year now, and it seems such a pity to cut it without a right reason.

Wigs Update 20/10/2014

Received a call this morning from the wig maker informing us that the wigs are ready for collection, and it came with a little surprise too. Not sure if it's a good news or a bad news, but the hair we sent for making 2 wigs were now made into 3 wigs. Hmm.....

Will be updating more after our next visit.

Lili's Donation

"I remember my last time having a short haircut was in primary 4 (14-15 years ago), and I have been keeping it long since then.

Mary's birthday's wish

Mary's having a haircut
"Mary participated in a program visiting a cancer ward with children suffering from leukemia. She spent some time there and remembered the story of a pre-school student at her school who was diagnosed with leukemia too. 

Joanne's Donation

"I always wanted to get a short/shoulder length haircut but I felt it would be a waste if I just throw my hair away. So I just type down "Hair Donation Singapore" in Google and your RYH website appear.