Moe Moe's Donation

Moe Moe Lwin, director of Yangon Heritage Trust, donated 12 inches of her hair in support of our cause. Her hair was 'shipped' over with the help from of our donor's sister's friend. Thanks to May for all the coordination.

Natasha's Donation

"I have experienced what it feels like to have loved ones suffer from cancer. The pain and emotions involved seeing your loved ones going through this makes one appreciate the life we have... :-) 

Wigs Update 17/11/2014

Here are the photos of the wigs we made.

Wig Y14-04 was sponsored by Yu Thi.
Wig Y14-05 and Y14-06 were sponsored by Meryl

Wig Y14-04

Made from hair donated by:
Yu Thi
Su Thi
Janet (Malaysia)
Chye Hoon
Batu Pahat 07 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Yu Thi
Wig Y14-05

Made from hair donated by:
Wan Lu
Batu Pahat 02 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Meryl
Wig Y14-05

Made from hair donated by:
Wan Lu
Batu Pahat 01 (Malaysia)

Sponsor: Meryl

Christine's Donation Update

Christine shaved her hair for an event a few months back to create childhood cancer as well as to raise fund for the Children Cancer Foundation.