Jaslyn's 2nd Donation

"I've been measuring my hair to make sure I have long enough hair to donate (it's about 11 inches this time). I've been growing it for almost 2 years. I thought it'll be nice to have it cut on Mother's Day for all the mothers who battled or are battling cancer.

Hanlyn's Donation

"I am happy that when I plan to have a short hair cut in this year, I found this project through Google. I always hope to join "Hair for Hope" project to show a support to cancer patient. But I know I not dare to shave all my hair yet.

Eain's Donation

"I wanted to donate hair for cancer patients a very long time. Having to know this organization accept hair and create wig for cancer patients make my dream come true. Appreciate it :)"
~ Eain

Wigs Viewing

It's good to meet our donors once again during our wigs viewing session. Still able to recognise them, despite the chance in the length of their hair.

On the left is Mary, who donated 19 inches of her hair in 2013. And Michelle, donated her 11 inches early last year. Thank you all for coming all the way down to view the wigs.

Donations update (Photos) 17/05/2015

Name: Angelin
Length: 14 inches
Date donated: 27/02/2015
Name: Cheryl
Length: 16 inches
Date donated: 27/02/2015
Name: Shannon
Length: 11 inches
Date donated: 27/02/2015